White Papers

Looking for tips on how to implement an effective sustainability strategy across your events? Read our Eco-Smart Events white paper to get our team’s insights.

AI, sustainability, budgets and accessibility – these will be the topics that define the events industry in 2024. Read our predictions to see how they will shape the sector’s future. 

Learn to convert your strategic goals into event touch points. This guide explores how to effectively drive key messages through content, production, communication campaigns and activations.

Find our top tips for creating cost-effective hybrid events. From best practices in venue finding, through content adaptation, to engaging two audiences, this guide has it all.

Virtual and hybrid events have made the industry rethink how audiences engage with content. This white paper focuses on how any experience can be elevated through the effective use of technology.

Explore the digital transformation of the event industry and delve into new ways of building customer relationships. This paper discusses how to navigate audiences’ behaviors and needs to create impactful experiences.

The pandemic ushered in new styles of working and a greater emphasis on employee wellbeing .Read more to find out how CSR weaves into external as well as internal communication strategies.

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