Charlotte Gentry

Founder & CEO


Our Founder’s grounding in Public Relations inspires the full-service philosophy that defines Pure Communications Group. Charlotte founded the company in 2006 and quickly built a reputation for unfailing delivery and a truly strategic approach to creating experiences for the world’s most admired brands. Charlotte is a proud mentor to new talent entering the industry and is one of the most respected minds in the business, has been Chair to the industry association EVCOM and regularly contributes to industry publications.

Best event you have ever worked on?

I’ve travelled all around the world producing events, but my best event experience was a festival I produced in the Cotswolds at Farncombe for a management consultancy for 800 adults and 100 children.  I adored creating the entertainment programme as well as designing the experience overall. The weather during the weekend was sensational and the reaction to the experience from the attendees really gave me an overwhelming sense of achievement.

Why do you love the industry?

It is constantly evolving, with new influencers and innovative products.  If you stand still in this industry you get left behind, and generally the people you work with are excited about what they do, and the experience they are about to have with you.

Party trick or random fact?

I absolutely loathe celery!