Jewelry Showcase

Industry:    Fashion

Group Size:  136

Location:   London, UK

Brief:    Immersive dining experience showcasing a new jewelry line

Event Overview:

Designed around the theme of the Silk Road, with the invitations sent out on silk cloth, the guests were immersed into the experience from the outset and became part of the dinner and performance. The event included waiters wearing tablesopera singers, butterflies, tables that opened to reveal flowers, soup in test tubes, Dervish dancers and so much more. The table was used as a catwalk for 11 models showcasing the collection. There were two large frames and 9 rotating plinths where models posed for the jewels to be viewed. The menu was created and overseen by a 2-star Michelin chef and the wine and champagne were sourced from the client’s personal collection.


We supported on the following aspects:

  • Venue sourcing and management, adhering to a listed building’s restrictions
  • Working closely with the Creative Director for the event and sourcing suppliers
  • Production, lighting and sound, including a black-out blinds installation
  • Management of the catering team and liaising with them and the chef to create a one of a kind dinner experience
  • Sourcing of 68 male serving staff of the same height to be part of the show
  • Sourcing the florist and working with her and the client’s florists to create a spectacular entrance piece
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