JEEP 4Xe Media Drive

Our Challenge was to create an Experiential Strategy for a media drive event that applied the ethos of the Jeep Renegade to every element from first touchpoint to route using JEEP’s positioning of ‘more fun, more tech, more freedom, more capable and more sustainable’. Create a fun and immersive experience that showcases the capability of the Renegade 4Xe in its natural environments; urban and off-road.

Deliver this in the midst of a global pandemic with complex COVI19 and social distancing rules in place, all in a 2-week lead time from appointment to delivery on-site.

Our Solution was to have our Creative Design team take the concept of a traditional countryside getaway set in acres of Herefordshire hills, meadows, deep valleys and wood lined streams, and mix it with surprise ‘urban moments’ to showcase the Jeep Renegade 4Xe’s dual soul and create an event to remember.

As such, we sourced an amazing self-contained and alongside our Production and Delivery created two routes, one on-road and one-off road, both designed to showcase the vehicles key elements but with the off-road course featuring a series of unique Experiential moments and interactions.

Creative and Content led moments showing ‘there is always more beyond the horizon’ dominated the off-road route with instillations such as ‘Urban photo frames’ juxtaposed against the natural environment to ‘pop-up coffee vans’ in the heart of the forest and two amazing standalone ‘glass and steel  cubes’ allowing us to highlight the amazing innovative technology that’s powering this world class PHEV vehicle. All done using carbon neutral generated power and delivered in a fully secure and compliant COVID19 framework.

The result was a seamless event, with a high uptake in media attendees who enjoyed an amazing experience of Urban & Country colliding that gave a true taste of the brand and 4Xe vehicle alongside a landscape to create unique Video and Digital assets for multiple communications platforms.