A Hybrid Event at RSA House

As part of Pure Communications Group’s week-long event, AHEAD, we delivered a hybrid event at RSA House for our clients. The event was a live and virtual content session with some of the top names in the industry, including Laura Capell-Abra (Founder of Stress Matters), Adrian Dickson (CEO of Starstruck), Samme Allen (Chief Participation Strategist) and Laura Pearce of RSA House. The content was designed to give our clients an understanding of the journey ahead post-pandemic for live, virtual and hybrid events.

The event was delivered with
COVID-safety measures in place

As the event was delivered during the pandemic, it was imperative that those attending live felt safe, and that they were clear on any guidelines in place. The team created a comms plan that detailed every element that had been installed for a COVID-safe environment. Guests were all given branded visors on arrival, sent a lateral flow test in the post pre-event and asked to confirm their test was negative at check-in.

We created a full comms campaign, segmented by virtual and live audiences

The hybrid event was supported by a full comms campaign, including teaser emails designed to convert the email audience to sign-ups. Throughout the week, daily emails were sent focusing on a different element about the journey AHEAD for live, virtual and hybrid events. Each email was packed full of valuable information for the audience, from blogs to checklists to ultimate guides.

The event was live-streamed through BigMarker, where to viewers it appeared like a live TV show. Viewers could ask questions and engage with the live audience, to ensure they both felt like they were having a great experience. The show was a fantastic success with glowing feedback from our clients.

After the event, a feedback survey was sent to both audiences, segmented to understand their experiences. Content was also sent to attendees with the replay of the live broadcast, an Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Events’ and a recap of all the articles that had been sent throughout the week.

The hybrid event included

  • A full social media campaign
  • Segmented and automated emails to drive sign-ups
  • A LinkedIn ads campaign to push sign-ups
  • Daily valuable email content around the journey AHEAD
  • Segmented feedback surveys
  • Video content, repurposed for different channels
  • Full AV production for the live audience
  • Virtual audience engagement techniques
  • Creative studio support
  • A supporting downloadable white paper