Our Production and Delivery team was asked to deliver a 20th Anniversary,  1,000 person 3 day Experiential Corporate Summer Festival with overnight glamping in a purpose built village along side, bars, food, music stages, entertainment, activities and much more for staff and their families. Sadly due to COVID-19 this needed to be adapted into a Global Virtual Event that was engaging, fun, creative appealed to families and staff and above all celebratory but aware of the situation everyone had been experiencing during lockdown. The Turnaround time for this was also only 3 weeks.

Working with our Production team and the client we agreed that a live 2hr Broadcast would be the best delivery format and that using a password protected Vimeo Live link would allow for the easiest and most seamless access for a global audience. The Creative and Content Design was then started and focused on creating a show that encompassed both live and pre-recorded segments of content that were both internal and externally focused and delivered a mix of engaging activities for everyone watching. Our Video and Digital team set to work on creating all the elements of the show from an internal ‘teaser trailer’ to a custom retrospective timeline video of the clients past 20 years as well as bespoke lower thirds for the presenters, a secret and collaborative Spotify playlist and a Social Wall for guests to share their videos and photos of the day amongst various other elements. In addition we then created a series of pre-recorded segments with entertainers and partners which were tailored to the clients messaging. This was accompanied by a series of segments that staff were encouraged to ‘self film’ around specific topics, all of which culminated in an amazing and engaging live broadcast with presenters in London and our technical teams in London and Manchester.

An engaging, insightful and fun celebration with rich and varied content that was enjoyed by over 700 staff in over 10 countries with lots of interaction, comment sharing and conversation in the chat function and on the Social Wall during and after the event.