A Virtual and Hybrid Events Company

Virtual Product Launches

We are a creative agency who will blast your brand into the spotlight of your potential buyer, having designed unique virtual product launches which give the media buyer and consumer a real life taste and feel for your product.

Are you worried about trying to deliver a product launch online?  Do you think that journalists and consumers won’t be able to truly experience what your product can really do and what it feels like if you deliver your product launch virtually rather than as a live event?  Our team can support you with extraordinary ways in which you can bring your product or service to life through a virtual launch. 

Add a sensory experience to your virtual event by sending your target audience some key parts of your product which will help them to experience all the elements.  We can design incredible supporting content to rocket your brand into the realms of your target audience, where they will feel immersed in video, encapsulated by showcases and absorbed by all the details of your product.

We create and execute virtual car launches, pharmaceutical launches, property launches, beauty and cosmetic launches and virtual launches for other major luxury retailers. With a team of highly experienced event experts, technical managers and creatives, we can support across all avenues of the digital experience, ensuring your product launch is engaging, innovative and seamless. Let us help you to create that perfect experience, which will deliver you an instant return on your investment. 

Our team of graphic designers and content producers will create long-lasting content to support your virtual product launch, helping you to share your message innovatively and creatively. We can incorporate email teaser campaigns, digital engagement concepts and other touchpoints to really bring your brand to life through a number of different avenues – creating an integrated campaign which will drive sales, boost revenue and ensure your internal teams are enthralled by your new product.