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We are experts in delivering Hybrid Events

Are you looking for an agency to support a successful hybrid event? We are experts at creating exceptional hybrid events and will deliver a hybrid event a step above the rest.

We have been delivering hybrid events for years 

We’ve been delivering hybrid events for years, so we really know our stuff when it comes to seamlessly handling two audiences – those who are experiencing the event live, and those who are experiencing the event virtually.  

The art to a successful hybrid event is to give both audiences the same experience, albeit through different channels – this is done through elevating the level of engagement on virtual and creating shared experiences for both audiences, whether they are watching the event via a live stream or physically at the live event.   

Some easy ways to achieve this are; creating a microsite for the event, using a hashtag to create chat, photos and posts via social media channels, showing the chat stream through the event microsite, building a social wall into the experience, live polling, Q&As and team orientated experiences which bond the virtual audience and the live audience together.  Live icebreakers are also great tools to use, where the virtual audience are asked to perform a task online which the live audience then respond to.

As specialists at building and delivering highly unique, creative and extraordinary events, we can find you the perfect studio location across the country and can show you inspiring examples of conference and meeting stage sets, which will bring your audience together and deliver an exceptional event experience.