As brand engagement specialists and creative live event producers, we are experts at designing a launch for your product which will ensure maximum interaction with the customer  as well as see it fly out the door due to the amazing customer experience we will create.

 We fully understand the importance of building a brand presence and starting with the messaging first before creating an event to showcase a new product. The content and the message needs to come first to then establish how to design a product launch which will smash all your objectives and create an experiential wonder which will put you at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

We are specialists at designing the environment and experience for any product launch and will also produce the essential, creative communication tools such as email or social media campaign prior and post the event.  We have an exceptional digital marketing team who will ensure that your message is out there across all social media platforms and any targeted media that you want to collaborate with.

Finding the right venue and destination for a product launch is our forte and then building and designing the environment within the setting is a skill we excel at.  We will ensure that when your guests arrive, they are instantly attracted to your product or service and understand the messaging behind it quickly.

We will help you to build the content should you wish to showcase a showreel to your guests or give a speech.  Should you wish to bring in any entertainment, we will source unique and enamouring options which your guests won’t have experienced before.

Your success is our mantra, and we will deliver an exquisite experience which will leave your customers wanting to buy more and engage with your brand in a way they haven’t done before.