Date:  15/06/2021

Ways to engage your attendees in pre-event comms to make them feel more comfortable about attending live events again

Provide clear contact details

Avoid using info@ type contact addresses. Make sure you provide an email address that is checked regularly and has someone in charge who is able to confidently reassure any anxious attendees.  

Make sure anxious attendees are aware
of all COVID-safety measures

Create a page that is dedicated to all the COVID-safety measures throughout the event. Ensure that it is easy to find and included in every piece of communication that goes out about the event. To ensure you are factoring in all the correct COVID-safe measures for your event then make sure to check out our Ultimate checklist for a COVID-safe event.

Personalise comms

If attendees have been identified as being more nervous about attending an in-person event then add a communications stream just for these attendees. This may be an email purely focused on COVID-safety measures, asking them more regularly how they are feeling or notifying them on who they can speak to onsite if they are worried. 

Notify onsite events team
of those who are nervous

Flag to event managers onsite those who have been nervous about attending, so that the onsite team can ensure that they are paying special attention to these attendees throughout the event.

Assign check-in points

Throughout the lead up to the event assign check-in points where you can regularly contact anxious attendees. These check-in points should increase as you get closer to the event.

Assign a calm area on site

Create an area onsite that attendes can relax away from people if they are worried. Make sure this is written in all communications so that the attendees are aware that there is a space if they need it prior to attending the event.

If you are delivering an event and would like support from an events agency then do get in touch – we’d love to help.