Date:  24/11/2021

Audience Engagement Ideas for Your Sales Kick-Off

Knowing who your audience exactly is, understanding their challenges and providing them with compelling content are just three of the areas that can help audience engagement for a virtual event. If you want to ensure that your virtual sales conference is delivering it’s message in an inspiring way that fully engages the audience then read on to discover our virtual audience engagement ideas.

Gather your audience’s wants, needs and challenges through pre-event polling and surveys

Understanding your audience’s needs prior to your virtual sales conference is a key element to ensure that you’re providing an agenda that is both useful and engaging for them. If the content feels irrelevant to their objectives, then they’re likely to feel disconnected and unmotivated. By surveying your audience from the offset and portraying a willingness for their help in shaping the agenda, you will set the foundations for a more engaging virtual sales meeting.

Set a sales meeting agenda that ties in with your audience’s objectives

Once you have surveyed your audience, create an agenda framework that includes all the elements that have been addressed by your audience’s survey responses.   Are they looking for more guidance and best practice examples for their current sales roles? Are they unsure of what the current sales strategy is and the expectations surrounding it?  Are they looking to build better connections to keep them on track? These are all questions that can be asked in the pre-survey and which can help formulate a more engaging agenda for their current needs and challenges.

Filming of virtual sales meeting, camera man filming two presenters, sat in an office
Filming of clients virtual AGM

Create bite-sized sections of compelling and relevant content for your audience

Nobody wants to sit through a full day of sales presentations, produced by the same person and delivered in the same format. Analyse each section of the agenda and assess what mechanic is the best way to convey your message. Best practice sharing may work better as virtual and in-person breakout sessions in smaller groups, whilst ‘a year in review’ may be more impactful as a video.

Build in networking sections that take
place in virtual breakout rooms

If attendees building internal relationships is one of the key objectives of your sales meeting then ensure you create time in your agenda for this. Not only will these informal breakout sessions be a little light relief from the heavier content sessions, but they will give attendees a chance to relax with a cup of tea and get to know their peers better. Why not post some tea, coffee and biscuits to your online attendee’s homes so they can enjoy them together but virtually. 

Create conversations through live Q&A’s,
surveys and online chat functions

Building in a two-way conversation is imperative to keeping your audience engaged throughout. Don’t just expect your atteendees to feel confident with using elements such as hybrid chat features. Instead ask pointed questions throughout, that elicit a response. If you’d like it to feel more personal, then use the ‘raise the hand’ option on your virtual event platform and call out your in-person guests to ask their questions verbally.

Invest in quality production that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish

Nothing loses engagement of an audience quite like technology failing, bad presentation skills or poorly designed content. Every aspect of your sales meeting should be produced to visually and aurally appeal. Build a deck of creative presentation slides, add in well produced video content, train your presenters to deliver in an engaging way across virtual platforms and get the support of a technical team to help with live streaming, on demand content and slide deck changeovers.  

Filming of a virtual event

Incorporate team building and ice breaker elements to break up the content

Energisers for your audience will help to keep them engaged when they may start to fade before lunch or mid-afternoon. Ice breakers are an excellent way to kick off a sales meeting, whether it’s as simple as a ‘tell me something we don’t know about you’ or a Zoom background challenge through for your online audience. Team building can be incorporated to help strengthen a sales objective or treated as a fun and rewarding element of the agenda such as a quiz session or happy hour drinks.

Cocktail Masterclass from one of our clients virtual events, cocktail masterclass hosted by Ace Bar Events.

Keep the conversation going with repurposed
on-demand content post-event

Engaging your audience post-event is a key factor that needs to be built into your virtual event strategy.  Edit session content to contain the most valid points and overlay key captions, creating a reel of the highlights of the meeting. Create a portal of password restricted on-demand content, that attendees can revert back to when they are looking for a reminder of what they learnt.  

Social Wall from client virtual event
Social wall, featuring attendees at home streaming the live virtual event.

Measure your audiences’ engagement pre,
during and post-event

By measuring your audience’s engagement pre, during and post event, you’ll be able to assess which content resonates with them, and what needs improvement. Look at survey completes, email opens, time spent on the event website (if you have one), comments in the chat section, attendance numbers of each session, and clicks of on-demand content. Analysing these will help in forming a full picture of how the audience engaged across all channels.

If you are looking for support with your upcoming virtual sales conference, then do drop us a line. We have a team of highly experienced technical managers, content producers, and event experts who will ensure that audience engagement is front and centre for your virtual event.