Date:  12/08/2021

Top 5 Corporate wellness activities ideas

Have your employees recharge and take a break from their desks and create an experience that supports wellbeing and mental health through a range of practical and creative activities and learnings. These unique activities will not only boost employee wellness and morale, it will also have the team bonding again after having been spent such a long time apart.

Here are our Top 5 corporate wellness activity ideas:

Laughter yoga: 

Get the team laughing again with laughter yoga! Did you know that the body can’t distinguish between fake laughter and real laughter as both have similar benefits? So what are the benefits of laughing? Studies show that laughing reduces stress hormones and increases immune cells infection-fighting antibodies, it also releases endorphins. Laughter really is the best medicine. In the 20 – 30 minute Laughter Yoga workshop your team will walk away feeling refreshed, happy and ready to take on any challenges facing them. Get everyone involved as the class is suitable for everyone! 

Candle Making:

The team at Pure recently did this one ourselves, and we absolutely loved it. We all found it very therapeutic, not to mention so much fun! We followed the step-by-step guide in which we were going to be making ombre candles. First, we melted the wax and kept stirring into the pot, then got to choose from the many funky colours options. When the coloured wax was at a smooth consistency we poured it into the mould, one colour at a time. The end results were fantastic! It has been found that candles are scientifically proven to soothe us and their soft illumination helps us to calm down and even achieve a meditative state. The best part of the class means you get to take home your finished product to soothe and relax whilst you’re at home after a busy day at work.

Puppy therapy:

And yes if you’re thinking of a room full of gorgeous pups, then yes, you are spot on! Have a litter of puppies come to the office in a puppy safe environment and have your employees play and cuddle with a group of puppies for the hour!  There are numerous amounts of proven benefits of spending time interacting with an animal the positive impacts on your mental health. It helps with reducing anxiety and stress levels and it also lowers blood pressure! Puppy therapy is the perfect solution for boosting your staffs overall wellbeing, gets them away from their desk and lets them take a break from the pressures from work. Not to mention it’s great for the puppies too with the love and attention they receive.

Breath Workshop

This one is a must when it comes to improving employee wellness. Conscious breathing is an essential part of good mental health, a healthy lifestyle and overall a better life. Breathing workshops are an active form of meditation. It requires you to really focus on your breathing to ensure you get the most out of it. By completely focusing on your breath allows increased oxygen, which makes you feel “lighter” and allows you to have a lot more clarity, less stress and anxiety. If you apply the exercises from the workshop you will notice that you will sleep better, it also helps with posture and better blood pressure. Have your employees feel relaxed and allow them to benefit from the takeaways of the class. After seeing the benefits from just one class you may all incorporate it into a weekly team activity.

Mindful Mandalas:

Lastly, a workshop that will truly cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness is a Mindful Mandala workshop. This 30-minute workshop will spark creativity, relieve stress, whilst you create something beautiful. The meaning of the word means circle and is often used in meditation and yoga. The aim is to shut away outside attention and to be present at the moment. Team members will be guided step by step to create a template for a mandala, each person will then have the freedom to create whatever their heart desires. It’s for everyone to join in and enjoy this creative time. Once completed the team can bond by sharing their unique and individual designs. It’s amazing to see what each individual creates!

If you need help with planning some wellness activities for employees that promote wellness and that can help prevent stress and positive working environments, so that individuals can thrive, then please do get in touch.