Date:  14/06/2021

Things to consider for corporate event catering in the current events climate

The way you serve food and drinks must now be carefully considered when selecting your style of catering for a corporate event. Gone are the days of buffets and canapés and drinks from a tray, instead we must now ensure our F&B options have strict COVID-19 procedures in place.

Following our ‘ultimate guide to COVID-safe events’ you should consider the following:


It’s important to have a clear plan in how you will be providing food for attendees on the day of your event. If guests are seated you need to ensure that guests will only be served once sitting down and served individual meals.

However, if your event will be a networking experience where guest will be moving around you will need to ensure there are no buffets, finger food, or self-service type meals that are offered. Instead, you will need to ensure food and drink is served individually and served in a pre-packaged or closed container. Food and drink should always be ordered in advance.


  • Serve food in a bento box style – include various items for your guests such as salads, snacks, and a drink.
  • A pizza oven – serve up tasty pizzas in small individual boxes.
  • Food trucks – if you require multiple food options then hiring different food trucks will be a great option. Just ensure guests are receiving table service to avoid queuing.  
  • Personalised glasses – Customise glasses upon entry to avoid any mix ups.
  • Offer reusable coffee/teacups – Customise KeepCups on the day so guests can top up their KeepCup throughout the day.


Have catering staff follow strict COVID-19 procedures.  When hiring a catering service, you should also have staff follow the same COVID-19 procedures as guests before arriving at the venue, including pre-testing, temperature checks, check-in and track and trace.

Have catering staff wear good quality face masks. Where the staff need to communicate with guests it can often be better to provide clear visors, so guests are better able to communicate.

Ensure staff and the catering company are following government guidance on cleaning food preparation and food service areas.

Keep doors open where appropriate, to reduce touchpoints.  Ensure staff are wiping down surfaces and points people may have touched. Frequently clean work areas and equipment between uses.

If you are looking to plan a corporate event and would like some support from an events agency, then do get in contact – we’d love to help