Date:  12/08/2021

The top 10 creative back to work box ideas

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As organisations finally return to the office, why not support your employees as they transition back into an office environment by providing them with some essentials to help them feel safe and secure. Not only whilst they are in the workplace but also on their journeys to and from the office, plus some additional wellness and motivating treats.

Here are our top 10 creative concepts for a back to work employee gift box ideas to demonstrate that as a business you have thought about the overall wellbeing of your staff.

1. Branded Coffee KeepCups and Branded Water Bottles

Chilly’s water bottles and KeepCup ranges are both stylish and convenient, not to mention eco-friendly. What a lovely gift to include in your welcome back box for your team. Choose from a range of double-walled, stainless steel drinks bottles or KeepCups, perfect for keeping those hot or cold beverages at the perfect temperature while you’re out and about. Chilly also offers a personalised engraving service so you can include individuals names to avoid any mix-ups!

3. Hygiene Hook Keyring and Contactless Door Opener

Make your team feel safe with a handy hygiene hook keyring and contactless door opener! Both tools help minimise touch and the spreading of germs. The hygiene hook is used to open doors touch-free and the contactless door opener to open doors, press buttons of elevators, traffic lights, ATMs and mobile devices without touching them. Both tools are on a keyring to make it easily accessible. Both are made with 100% recycled plastic and stainless steel. The tool your team never thought they would have needed!

3. Branded Anti-microbial Mask

An obvious choice but a convenient one! Showcase your brand’s commitment to protection & wellness with your full-colour logo imprinted on our dual-layer, 100% cotton premium mask. The breathable cotton, ergonomic 3D design, adjustable nose piece and elastic ear-straps, make this mask comfortable & stylish.

4. Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser! A 2021 travel essential and another important gift idea to include. There are so many brilliant hand sanitiser brands out there but this one is a must! Haan Hand Sanitiser smells absolutely delicious, keeps your hands clean by killing 99.99% of most common germs and bacteria. Contained in a convenient small spray from the bottle which is 100% recyclable, refillable and the best part is it keeps your hands moisturised with their hand healing ingredient of aloe vera.

5. Weekly Planner for 2022

Have your team prepared for next year and surprise them with a stylish weekly planner/ notebook for 2022. It is crazy to think we will soon be approaching. LEUCHTTURM1917 are a great choice if you are looking for a sleek design.

6. Tea and Coffee Blends

Treat your employees to a delicious tea or coffee blend to make in the office, what a perfect way to welcome the team back with a delicious warm brew.

7. Portable Charger

Now that your team will be on the go travelling to and from the office. Treat your team to a portable charger branded with your company logo. The charger is super convenient and helps avoid those dreaded flat battery phone journeys home.

8. Calming Mist

Although some may be excited to return to the office, others may be a little anxious. Why not include a nourishing calming mist to spray to calm the nerves or just if you want to spruce up the office with some gorgeous scents? This one by Flora Lane is both calming and energising with radiant scents of lavender and Sicilian orange.

9. Bamboo Lunchbox

Nobody wants to be buying lunch every day, so it’s time to get away from Tupperware! This handy bamboo fibre lunch box is the perfect gift that is not only environmentally friendly, as it is made from 50% bamboo fibre and 50% PP plastic. It’s a great way for the team to cut down on unnecessary costs.

10. An Inspiring Book

Our final gift idea is to include an inspiring or educational book to get the team back on track and inspire them with someone’s influential story, to motivate them for what’s to come. Here are some of the topmost influential books of all time! “25 of the Most Inspiring Books Everyone Should Read”

The contents of the boxes will provide employees with some essentials, as well as nice to haves, as we all transition back into a more ‘normal’ environment. Surprise your team with thoughtful and creative gifts to enhance their overall wellbeing and provide them with a warm welcome to leave employees feeling great on their first day back.

Need help creating a creative and thoughtful back to work box? Get in contact with the team today!