Date:  11/09/2020

The Show Must Go On!

Two speakers dressed in "The Greatest Showman" themed costumes presenting in front of a large audience.

Great news! France has started allowing gatherings of groups for over 5000 people and Switzerland has opened its doors to events of over 1000 people. Things are turning a corner! This was somewhat dampened by the news from the UK government who thew in a curve ball this morning by announcing that we should only gather socially up to 6 people. This only reflects social gatherings and does not affect educational or work gatherings.

So, don’t cancel Christmas! The show must go on! 

It is definitely the time to think about how we ‘clink to the end of 2020!’ More than ever we need to think about how we motivate staff and thank everyone who have been committed and isolated whilst working from home, but still pushing your business forwards in these bizarre times. 

People clinking their glasses to cheers

Don’t cancel that celebration because you think its going to be too weird not doing it face to face. Instead think of the ways that you can boost staff morale and bring that feeling of togetherness back. 

Delicious Christmas cocktails

We at Pure Communications Group are already back in the office and are delighted to say that we have 2 live events in the calendar between now and mid-October, which is enormously exciting! It is absolutely possible to produce a live event in a socially distanced manner and to do something which brings a return to a ‘new kind of normal’. 

We find that our clients fit into three categories: 

  • Those who have no appetite to produce live events but want to replace them with virtual experiences 
  • Those who have some appetite for live events but in a dramatically reduced format 
  • Those who have a strong appetite to produce live events within the government guidelines provided 

Which bracket do you fit into? 

Let us help you create that feeling of togetherness that we have all missed so much, and to bring back that company culture that makes businesses such wonderful places to work. Whether it is virtual, hybrid or live, we can make it a really inspirational experience and everyone we think are going to be delighted to ‘clink goodbye to 2020’ and welcome 2021 with open arms.

Get in touch with us to have some creative concepts at your fingertips.