Joanna Stachowicz

Client Services Director

T+44 (0)20 7751 2482

Best event you’ve ever worked on?

I have lots of favourite events but the one that stayed in my mind the most is a conference in Istanbul. I love the city, I think it is a magic place and guests are always wowed by it. We got 250 guests to the stunning Çırağan Palace Kempinski hotel by water taxi, we took all guests to explore this magic city, we did not lose anybody, and to top that we have used the stunning Esma Palace for a gala dinner.

Why do you love the industry?

Travel and unique experiences. I love working in different countries, learning different cultures. I think working in events is great way of exploring the world and getting to places that you would normally might not know exist.

Bucket list destination?

Argentina/Chile. I would like to do a road trip around Patagonia, seeing penguins in the wild is a must see for me, I think organizing an event there would be special too.

Party trick or random fact?

I got engaged in LA and 3 days later got married in Vegas.