Date:  08/06/2020

Social Media Continues to Bring Us Together Even in A Crisis

In recent years social media marketing has played a significant role in the marketing strategy when planning for an event, whether it’s creating a punchy hashtag, influencer marketing or creating pre-event buzz by posting online content. These have all been contributing factors to drive ticket sales, boost ROI and continue to create hype post-event – but what role does Social Media play in a world with no live events?  

We no doubt all remember the infamous ‘Fyre Festival’ which broke the internet, due to its infamous social media campaign, featuring supermodels and influencers in a lavish video on a tropical island. Ticket sales went through the roof with individual tickets cost up to $12,000, but ultimately, we all know how it ended courtesy of a very revealing Netflix documentary and the multiple lawsuits and media coverage that followed the disaster that was the event. If anything, this highlighted the power of social media & influencer marketing and the impact it has on consumers.

Image via Netflix “Fyre” documentary poster

In a time where marketing strategies are on pause – no events, no product launches or any other live marketing activities – marketers have gone online with social media being the most useful tool as ever. Now more than ever, social media use is up, 37% of Brits are using Facebook more than they did before the outbreak, and 24% say the same for Instagram. As such, marketers have had to completely adapt their marketing strategies forcing brands to be as creative than ever taking their campaigns online and still reaching out to their target audience – a great insight into this is an article on the

So, who is making an impact on social media? What brands are standing out and whose campaigns are making the most of reaching out to customers during the COVID-19 crisis:

DoubleTree by Hilton: 

The hotel is famously known for its signature chocolate chip cookie which is given to guests complimentary when staying at the hotel. Due to the hotel having to shut its doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the hotel has chosen to share their official recipe for people to create at home. This small campaign was hugely successful as the video now has over 250,000 views (and counting) and seen the recipe shared by many mainstream media outlets.

Image via DoubleTree By Hilton

Argos Drums at Home: 

A clever online campaign from Argos, that connects people at home by getting them to ‘drum at home’ and calls out for people to create a drumming kit using household items while drumming along to the beat to “Gotta Get Thru This” by Daniel Bedingfield. Adapted by Their Christmas campaign ‘Book of Dreams’ it is an excellent way for consumers to still associate with the brand and also bringing people together in a fun and creative way. 

Image via #DRUMFROMHOME – Argos TV Advert

Beavertown Brewery

Alcohol brands have also been creative when it comes to strategies online – “In the absence of pubs and festivals” – and have had to seek out new ways of reaching and engaging with consumers.” In a time where everyone has had to cancel their summer holidays, the beer brand has created a virtual experience people can take while staying at home. The campaign is designed to encourage consumers to enjoy a cold Beavertown while on a “digital holiday” by sitting back and relaxing to the sounds of their staycation playlist on Spotify while enjoying their new ‘staycation beer.’ 

Image via: Beavertown: Staycation beer was created during lockdown

Andrea Bocelli: Music for Hope – Live From Duomo di Milano

Another great example of a way of bringing people together through the power of social media has been, online events and virtual webinars. One in particular that became a global sensation was Andrea Bocelli’s Easter YouTube Live-Stream where ‘3 million’ people around the world logged on to YouTube to view the half-hour sacred music concert as it was happening. By Monday night the archived performance had ‘32 million’ views. 

Andrea Bocelli Youtube ‘Music For Hope’

As we all assimilate into a new working and lifestyle culture post COVID-19 the power and insight of social media as a tool of paramount importance in bringing people together and helping brands stay relevant and connected has never been more important.

If you need some help to #Stayinginspried #Staycreative through this time, reach out to us as we bring messages to life through beautifully curated content in any medium, and deliver engaging content and messaging to elevate experiences that create memories long after the event closes and the campaign ends.