Date:  07/08/2020

Santa’s Gone Techie!

We are all beginning to gag for some social interaction and a need to let our hair down!  What on earth do we think Christmas will look like this year? Will things have returned to a ‘new normal’ by then?  One thing is for sure, companies and staff will absolutely need to reward the hard work of their staff that have been committed during such an arduous time!

Bring on Christmas! Let’s thank our staff, boost staff morale and look forward to a 2021 which we all hope will bring us the light at the end of the tunnel.  Usually right now we would be in the middle of planning a wealth of Christmas parties, however, for most businesses that is an unlikely scenario, however, that doesn’t mean that companies can’t and shouldn’t plan for a company wide end of year chance to relax, get together, have a drink, enjoy some entertainment and clink to the close of 2020.

So, what 5 top tips can we offer you to do this?

  1. Create unique smaller group experiences to enable people to reconnect (but putting safety at the forefront of all planning)
  2. Split your company into teams of 20 to 50 people and invite each team into a venue at selected times over the course of an evening, to enjoy Christmas as it should otherwise be
  3. Use a reduced budget for sending staff an online voucher to buy themselves a Christmas gift as a thank you.
  4. Send each member of your company a Christmas box but plan an online experience so that everyone opens their box together to celebrate online with each other
  5. Ask each member of the company to take a short video of themselves with their highlights of lockdown and put this into a company film which is delivered at an online Christmas event, bringing everyone together with shared experiences

So before you dismiss the idea of a Staff Christmas party think about what you could be offering to your colleagues and how doing it differently even in a virtual setting allows for so many more opportunities to connect, share the experiences and enjoy a quality production that can also pack in lots of personal and social good for everyone involved. What could be better in the current climate than the opportunity to share in a series of unique online experiences with amazing curated content – both live and on demand – and also content created internally! Everyone is a filmmaker these days, right? The opportunity to engage at a more cost-effective level (while still possibly delivering a little physical gift to staff) has never been easier and all it requires is some guidance and creative input to turn a potential non-event into an amazing celebration and reflection that will live on long after the hangover.

To discuss your requirements and to let us give you some creative thoughts drop us an email as we would love to help you make your celebration something special.