Date:  24/09/2020


The Emmys took place last Sunday and yes… they were virtual!

The Emmys made history last Sunday night for being the biggest live show during the coronavirus pandemic – yet host Jimmy Kimmel was in an empty venue with no audience – and it worked!

Host, Jimmy Kimmel

It was the Emmys 72nd year and no way were they going to let COVID- 19 get in the way, and boy was it one to remember! Anticipation was set around the globe as to how they would produce such a traditionally spectacular live event!

This hybrid style event ultimately featured 138 stars, 114 locations and 10 different countries and coming in at just over 3 hours long exceeded all expectations! Despite the absence of stars attending in Hollywood, a clever use of archive footage for the monologue, along with remote camera feeds, socially distanced trophy delivery and self-opening trophy boxes ensured that Hollywood was all still brought together through the magic of television!

The historic ceremony was just what viewers needed after such a catastrophic year that has taken place. The event featured a hilarious opening skit from Kimmel himself speaking to what looked like a live audience, however what really was an empty audience.  People in Hazmat suits giving awards to winners along with other hilarious COVID puns. At the same time a significant focus on the #BlacklivesMattermvement and the issues around racism and police brutality grounded the event in the reality we all live in today. Nonetheless it was all designed to give viewers an ‘experience’.

“What’s happening tonight is not important. It’s not going to stop COVID. It’s not going to put out the fires, but it’s fun. And right now, we need fun. My God do we need fun,” he said. – Jimmy Kimmel

The Emmys were nothing but remarkable, and a great example of how creative thought, planning and clever production can bring people together even through a screen without viewer fatigue, and an engaged audience constantly waiting for the next burst of creativity.

Although ‘online’ has become synonymous in our vocabulary’s recently and many people are starting to object to the overuse or zoom and other virtual meeting platforms, this event highlighted how the power of how creative planning and the use of hybrid (Jimmy could have had a small audience) can be an overwhelming success, more so than people may expect.

After the recent news headlines and talk of a potential second lock down, it’s clear there will be no large live events in the coming months, so we may well be seeing another start to the year with a lot more virtual and hopefully hybrid meetings.

However, this shouldn’t mean that we push back or ignore the all-important conferences, AGMS and Sales Forums, this should now motivate us even more to get creative and start the process of producing incredible and engaging content!

“The Emmys themselves are not eligible to actually win an Emmy, but the Herculean task of pulling this off the way they have would deserve one,” said Deadline’s Pete Hammond.

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