Date:  08/06/2021

How to get stakeholder buy-in for delivering live events again

As we now are able to deliver live events again you may be struggling to persuade stakeholders to go live. They may be concerned about cost implications, cancellation terms or their corporate reputation. To help get the stakeholder buy-in needed, we’ve pulled together our top tips to follow to ensure that you’re armed with all the information you need.

1. Have a Robust Plan

To instil stakeholder confidence it’s all about having a robust plan. Understand any COVID-regulations (which may differ by country), number allowances, travel rules and budgets and build a concrete plan. 

2. Know the Cancellation Policies Inside Out

Make sure to know the cancellation policies for all elements of the event back to front. This includes the venue, travel, activities, restaurant bookings and any offsite meeting locations. 

3. Understand your Insurance Policies

For elements of the event that are able to be insured, make sure that you understand fully where and when you are covered. Always keep your insurance policy in mind when exploring any new element for the upcoming event.

4. Build a COVID-Safe Event Plan

To ensure stakeholder confidence, having a stringent COVID-safety plan for the event is imperative. For a step-by-step guide to delivering a COVID-safe event then download our Ultimate Checklist for a COVID-Safe Event.

5. Create Clear Comms

When communicating with stakeholders, always ensure that your messaging is clear, detailing all the key points, including dates, costs and your robust plans that are in place.

6. What’s the Back-Up Plan?

Build in a Plan B for the event for if travel were to be restricted. Understand who your new suppliers would be, any new associated costs and differing lead times.

7. What are the Cost Implications

Beyond your event budget, have a clear understanding of where you may have further cost implications. This may be costs associated with attendee PCR testing if the event destination were to move to amber, production costs if the event were to move to virtual and in some cases loss of deposits due to cancellation terms.  

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