Date:  16/09/2020

Don’t make Secret Santa Redundant This Year!

People holding up their glasses to cheers with red wine.

Its been a crazy year in 2020, it’s a year where everything has happened, yet nothing has happened all at the same time. 

How peculiar is it that we find ourselves now in the run down to Christmas, when it feels as though the year never really got off to a head start from March onwards?

We have to find a way in which we can breathe a sigh of relief, pat our colleagues on the back (whether this be virtually or in a reduced hybrid capacity) and find a way to be as inclusive as possible knowing that entire families have been affected by the pandemic.

Holding a Christmas present with joy and Christmas wrapping

I personally know someone who has died from Covid, which was a terrible shock as he was in his 50s and a wonderful man, so the healthcare threat of the disease really hit me.  However, having said this, if we don’t return to some kind of normal, one of two things will happen; the country will be bankrupt or we will all become incredibly insular and afraid which in itself is unhealthy.

For those people who haven’t been on furlough, and who have worked day in day out with no holiday this year, they need some kind of recognition and appreciation.  They have watched their friends and colleagues be able to take some time off work and (hopefully) come back to a job after a few months.  These stoic individuals are almost certainly about to watch further swathes of people being made redundant come the end of October, which is bound to be disconcerting and destabilising. 

And then there are those people who have been made redundant, who are now having to diversify their skillset to get themselves back into the job market as fast as they can.  This is an extremely unnerving and frightening time for them. We have to hope and pray that our current government will give them the glimmer of hope they need that the UK economy will be given a chance to recover sooner rather than later.

So, where am I going with all of this…. we all need some light respite

Life has become extremely serious this year, and for many people the happy time of Christmas is something to look forward to. The government (or rather I should say the media), are putting the horrendous possibility in our minds that we might not be able to have more than 6 people for Christmas.  What happens if you have 5 children, do you send one away for Christmas? The whole thing is utterly ludicrous. 

Decorating Christmas tree

We have already started working on a number of options for company Christmas parties this year, and for many companies they are looking to reward not just the employee but their families too. We are sending out family Christmas gift boxes, and are building fun, uplifting content where everyone can get involved over a drink, even if its just at their TV or laptop.

For those who are more adventurous, we are producing smaller departmental Christmas events and then live streaming these to each group so everyone can feel as though they are together.  We have hired a number of studios and are proposing to put up to 30 people in each studio where they can stream their experience to the other studios. We have secured bands, magicians, illusionists and other entertainers, and to entertain children, we have built a virtual pantomime!

Image from Eventprofslive Limited Christmas party, 2019 Produced by Pure Communications Group

We all deserve to have some fun at the end of this year!

So lets all find the right way in which to do it and we can help you to find the right solution, so lets let our hair down, have a date with Santa and ensure that we ‘clink to the end of 2020’ and welcome in 2021 with open arms!

Charlotte Gentry, speaking at Eventprofslive Limited Christmas party, 2019.

If you’re looking for an online Christmas party organiser, then we’d love to help. Our award-winning corporate events teams are experts in delivering creative virtual events that engage audiences and create lasting memories.  To discuss your requirements and to let us give you our creative thoughts drop us an email as we would love to help you make your Christmas celebration something special.