Date:  14/06/2021

Booking a venue: What to consider when selecting a space for your next event.

Selecting a venue will be one of the most important factors to consider when planning for an event in this current climate. Each individual venue will follow government regulations and may implement their own regulations, however it’s important you go above and beyond to ensure you have your own seamless COVID-safety procedures in place. By following our COVID-19 guide when selecting a venue, you can ensure that you won’t have any setbacks along the way.  


When selecting a venue it’s important to consider the following.

  • Is there enough space for both 1m and 2m social distancing during the entire event (pre, during and post)?
  • Is the venue easy to travel to for guests?  
  • Has a meeting taken place with the venue detailing the management of facilities (e.g., toilets, cloakrooms, green rooms, changing areas etc) and the COVID-19 risks considered (hygiene, social distancing etc)?
  • Are there no fixed seats within 1m of another fixed seat and no face-to-face seating, unless physical barriers are set between seats (e.g. a perspex barrier).


Once you have chosen the right venue for your event it’s time to plan for extra precautionary measures.  As each venue will follow government guidelines, here are some other considerations to incorporate.

  • Provide guests with options to travel to the venue and to make sure they can do this in a COVID-safe manner.
  • Ensure you have a COVID-19 safety plan in place and venue staff are aware of all the procedures on the day. 
  • Create a floor plan to ensure you have social distancing and a procedure on how you will seat people along with where your staff shall stand to ensure there is no crowding.
  • Check that the venue has track and trace set up when entering.
  • Understand what the venue will provide so that you can plan further safety precautions, whether that be branded safety guides throughout the venue. 


Although venues won’t require pre-testing for entering the venue, it can be a measure for your event. Send a COVID-19 lateral flow test to live attendees providing them with instructions on how to submit results. If you are hosting a larger event, have a testing facility onsite for guests who weren’t able to do a home test. When reporting results have your guests fill out a declaration form online that their result was negative,

When signing into an event, it’s important you make this process touchless and seamless to avoid any crowding. Set up an electronic sign-in via an online platform, along with a QR code attached so guest can scan and sign in via their smart devices. 


When looking to book a venue for an event in this current climate it’s integral to understand what the cancellation terms are. Each venue may have different terms and so make sure to understand each one fully before securing your booking.


  • Produce COVID-safety information with you company branding on to keep your event professional and on-brand.
  • Purchase branded hand sanitisers which have a pleasant scent for guests to use at check-in
  • Purchase individual branded small sanitisers for a welcome goodie bag or send out in a pack alongside their COVID test and badges. 
  • Create branded masks for guests or staff to wear during the event.


Its important to brief the staff at the venue on how your event will run and the safety procedures you will be following. Have the staff complete their tests prior to your event, check in with track and trace and ensure they are wearing masks at all times.

If you are looking for a venue for your live or hybrid event and would like some advice on what to look out for in this current climate, then do drop us a line as we would love to help.