Date:  07/05/2020

Back to the Future

At the end of every year, Time Magazine selects its top 100 Inventions that it believes will help in making the world a better, smarter and possibly even a little more fun.

Given the current global uncertainty, we thought we would look back on the 2019 list and focus on some exciting inventions that hopefully will play a role in our everyday lives – Not to mention fascinating to see how many or if any will prominently feature in our lives in the near future. 

Here are some of our favourites from the list:

Entertainment by Sight – Comcast Xfinity X1 Eye Control Comcast Xfinity X1 

Eye Control is a web-based remote control for computers, tablets and TVs designed to help those with physical disabilities, by letting users control devices with their eyes. – Josiah Bates

Better Bike Navigation – SmartHalo2

“Riding a bike around town while looking at a smartphone for directions is downright dangerous. The SmartHalo 2 translates directions from your smartphone into colourful LED lights on your handlebars that cyclists can choose turn-by-turn navigation or a “Compass” setting that points them in the right direction.” —Alex Fitzpatrick

Fully Recyclable Sneakers – Adidas FUTURECRAFT.LOOP

“Upon first glance, these sneakers, while notably stylish, look no different from any other high-end running shoes. The innovation comes once you are done with them. Instead of throwing the sneakers away, you can return them to Adidas so 100% of each shoe can be reused to create future generations of FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoes.” – Madeleine Carlisle

Helping Hospitals – Diligent Robotics Moxi

“Between delivering lab samples, removing soiled linen bags and running routine errands, it’s hard for nurses to make time for the most important task: interacting with their patients. Moxi is able to complete duties end to end independently without being asked, relieving nurses of non-patient-facing tasks that studies show they otherwise spend up to 30% of their shifts on.”  – Hillary Leung

Keeping Food Fresh – Apeel

Few things are more frustrating than when an unripe avocado turns to mush before you can blink an eye. Some 40% of produce currently goes to waste, often because it goes bad before we can eat it. To cut that waste, Apeel Sciences developed an edible, plant-­derived coating for fresh fruits and vegetables that helps them last longer by slowing the ripening process. – Mahita Gajanan

Keeping Kids Close – B’zT

“Several years ago, B’zT founder briefly lost her then 3-year-old daughter in a mall. The incident spurred Nam to research child-¬tracking devices and to create one of her own. Today the product is fully machine washable and comes embedded in kid-friendly T-shirts and patches, which can allow the child wearing the t-shirt to be monitored via the company’s free app.”  – Emily Price

To see more incredible and inspiring inventions, have a look at the full article.

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