Date:  11/11/2020

Adapt To Engage… Creatively

Virtual event set up featuring a camera for recording

Stop! Don’t just press the green light on another virtual event because it seems to be the only solution in the absence of face to face events.  Have you asked yourself the ‘why’ you are doing this and ‘what’ solution there is to meet your objectives?  Are your objectives one of the following:

  • To drive revenue through existing client relationships and building new ones through different communication channels
  • To motivate staff by engaging, inspiring and communicating with them sharing company messaging and boosting their confidence.
  • To boost staff wellness and mental health by creating communication strategies to make them feel cared for and valued
  • To navigate your company through brand re positioning and build an awareness campaign to build a bigger customer base which in turn drives revenue
Filming of clients virtual event

 There are 4 key vehicles you can use to get to the finish line which = engagement!  These are:

There are 4 key vehicles you can use to get to the finish line which = engagement! These are:

  • Virtual Events
  • Experiential Campaigns
  • Digital Engagement
  • Messaging/Content Creation
  • Live Events (on pause)
Graphic of the four vehicles to creating engagement

The end goal for all our clients is for increased and elevated ‘engagement’ atevery level.  We would love to brainstorm your current communication strategy with your around how you are energising your internal teams, clients and staff. Might you be interested in talking through your engagement strategy and giving us the chance to think creatively about how you might maximise ‘engagement’ and return on investment for next year?  Our Creative Team can give you some really innovative ideas on the best way to build campaigns at this unique time, it goes without saying there isn’t a cost attached to this when brainstorming with you as a part of your team.

We have some really innovative case studies of recent work which illustrate how you can create a digital engagement campaign with email teasers, sending out gift boxes to your audience which they can then enjoy at a live launch broadcast to a wide audience.

We have produced a large number of virtual events over the past 6 months, and can deliver these extremely cost effectively in comparison to our competitors. The key to virtual events is interaction, rehearsal time for the presenters and making them as engaging as possible with really good content.  Should you need any help building content, we would be delighted to help here too. It is a skill and can make or break the success of a virtual event.

Feedback from a clients virtual event, featuring a live recoding of a band

What are the advantages of a virtual event?

  1. Your audience reach will be much bigger than a live event.
  2. Your ability to gather data and monitor return on investment is much easier!

Finally, many people think they can just present at a virtual event in the same way you would live….wrong! It’s a different animal and creating engagement when presenting online is significantly harder.  We can provide your speakers with speaker training to make your experience really sing.

Contact us or email if you want a white paper on the art to delivering a successful virtual event.